Black Mens Fashion Tips

black mens fashion tips

Time Out Events- Topman exclusive night of shopping

Time Out Events- Topman exclusive night of shopping

etween 7pm-10pm you'll be part of a strictly limited 600 Londoners to experience the newly expanded Topman Oxford Circus store. Rough Trade DJs will provide the soundtrack to the night, whilst Smirnoff Black Premium Vodka and Tuborg supply the drinks.

Shoppers will be treated to few tips from the expert Topman Stylists whilst sampling the delights of Topman's brand new EAT. restaurant on the second floor. Finish your trip off with a well earned grooming session at Sharps Barbers and make your way to the tills to claim your exclusive discounts.

Color chart

Color chart

What, do you want me to give you a few fashion tips?

black mens fashion tips

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Fashion Model Tips : Barbie Fashion Game Download : Top Fashion Trends For Summer 2011

Fashion Model Tips

fashion model tips

From Briana's New DVD on All Things Model

From Briana's New DVD on All Things Model

Bri and I have been working on this for quite a while.. a DVD for Photographers and Models to share on all kinds of things from what to bring to a shoot to how to get your arms around what the photographer is trying to do to lots of posing tips.

She is quite a versatile model and as we are doing the production it just astounds me when I get a new look. You would think she would run out or that I have them all... nope, not even close. There is stuff on this thing that is so different from even what you see in her set...

Well, yeah... I am kind of excited about it. We should have it finished after the Houston workshop and then to put it together...

Flash main, sun fill and backlight. Bare strobe over my head on a stand and sun coming under the eaves of the little cover she is standing under. That sun light is a small reflection of the sun bouncing off a window behind her... it was very nice, but not that powerful. Light ratio is 1:1 sun and strobe. Shot with an 80-200L at f-3.5 at ISO 400, the shot has minimal DOF and having that little wink of strobe really opens it up.

Simple light and beautiful results.

TIPS librodized

TIPS librodized

Model: Pierri Angeli Tacata
Wardrobe: (morning shoot, Filipiniana) Lito Perez of Casa Arce
(afternoon shoot, Rniel (Amor) Albano)
MUA: Alvine Pascual
Location: Seminary, Vigan
Organizers: The Ilocandia Photographic Society.

Special thanks to:
Reflector/ Anahaw Boys

fashion model tips

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Italian Fashion Agency

italian fashion agency

italian fashion agency - World Wall

World Wall Map

World Wall Map

Produced by the United States Defense Mapping Agency, this world map is available in multiple sizes to fit any need. While complete with political information, it's best know for the bright use of color to show physical detail. The features of this Physical World Wall Map include country borders, national capitols, major cities, ocean relief & mountain elevations, physical terrain shading, time zones, major shipping lanes & ports, and air route distances. The map uses the Mercator Projection.

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TTF - kiss me collection- Mimmi Boa

TTF - kiss me collection- Mimmi Boa

This is the newest creation of my lovely friend Thea Tamura, a really skilled and genially designer, owner of TTF
(Thea Tamura Fashion)
You can wear this outfit called "Kiss me" in tons of options: with pants, skirt, as swimsuit and how you prefer!
It comes also with jewels and some type of belts
is awesome!

BeStyle fashion show "Autumn charms II"

BeStyle  fashion show "Autumn charms II"

Pic courtesy Sharron Shuman

BeStyle agency's fashion show "Autumn charms II"
i wear " "Caresse" in black-violet version from Anubis Style.
Jewels from Cindy Looby
Thanks to you all for attending at our show, was great to have you there!!!

italian fashion agency

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Ladies Fashion Sandals

ladies fashion sandals

ladies fashion sandals - Orthaheel Mens/Womens

Orthaheel Mens/Womens Wave Sandals (Mens 9 Womens 10, Black)

Orthaheel Mens/Womens Wave Sandals (Mens 9 Womens 10, Black)

Just like the tires in a car, improper alignment of the feet can cause wear and tear to other parts of the body ?Co like the knees, hips and lower back, and also leads to plantar fasciitis, forefoot pain, corns and bunions. Orthaheel is a unique, patented orthotic sandal, invented by leading Australian podiatrist Dr. Phillip Vasyli, to realign your feet to their natural position and improve body posture. The ingenuity of this flip flop design is in the orthotic, motion controlling footbed with contoured arch support and a deep heel cup.......

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lady in the water

lady in the water

This photo is so very bitter sweet for me.
Bitter: I took this shortly before my tripod + camera fell into the water.... Won't turn on now. I am going to have to send it into Nikon to see if it can be repaired, and if I can afford to pay for it..
Sigh. FML. That's two sunrises in a row that I've had bad luck.
Sweet: This was extremely fun, and the water wasn't even that cold, which was surprising. The ground was covered with weird plants and dirt though, I had to wear my sandals because it was too gross. I was having a blast just playing in the water, while witnessing the most amazing sun I have seen in a very long time.

Bettina Cramer open sandals

Bettina Cramer open sandals

Berlin: german tv presenter Bettina Cramer arrives at show launch of the new event restaurant Pomp Duck and Circumstance.
She wears a lovely black and red strapless gown with a red scarf and classical high-heeled open sandals.

ladies fashion sandals

ladies fashion sandals

Reef Men's Stuyak Sandal,Black,12 M US

With an ultra-grippy rubber outsole, the Reef Men's Stuyak Sandals keep you from tanking on slippery sidewalks. The Stuyak Sandals' soft suede and canvas strap keeps your feet comfortable as you head to work or stroll downtown, and these Reef flip-flops' molded footbed and arch support feel cushiony all summer long.

Product Features
Upper Material: [strap] suede, canvas
Sole: molded rubber
Arch Support:
Recommended Use: casual
Manufacturer Warranty: 6 months

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Lady Gaga Fashion Single - Winter Fashion For Men 2011.

Lady Gaga Fashion Single

lady gaga fashion single

lady gaga fashion single - JBuds J3MS

JBuds J3MS In-Ear Single Earphone style Headset with Microphone for iPhone / Android / BlackBerry / HTC / LG / Motorola / Palm / Samsung - Pink

JBuds J3MS In-Ear Single Earphone style Headset with Microphone for iPhone / Android / BlackBerry / HTC / LG / Motorola / Palm / Samsung - Pink

Ideal for those who need a single (1) earbud with microphone and answer call / button control, the J3MS is built to last with rugged aluminum housing and components, anodized finish, durable flex joints, and premium micro-braided anti tangle cable.

The J3MS features a sleek, ergonomic profile and soft tips for a perfect fit, with a full spectrum micro driver, stainless steel mesh filters at the sound tube and bass port to keep out debris, a 24k gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack for no-loss sound connection to your audio device, and the legendary JBuds sound. Soft silicone cushions are included in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, and L) to assure an ideal fit for any sized ear, and the J3MS's sleek profile is ideal for even the smallest ears. Covered by JLab's 1 year limited warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: This product has one (1) earbud and is designed for cellphones, 2-way radios, etc. If you are searching for stereo earbuds (2 earbuds) for your music player, try the JBuds J3 or the J3M with mic.

JLab's Pro Tips double flanged silicone cushions, sold separately, offer an even greater range of feel and fit.

The J3MS is compatible with most smarthphones and devices that feature a 3.5mm jack, including the following:
iPhone: 1G, 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4

iPad, Kindle, Nook

Motorola: Droid, Incredible, Eris, Milestone, Backflip, CLIQ

HTC: EVO 4G, Aria, Hero, HD2, Nexus One, Desire, Imagio

Samsung: i9000, Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant, Epic 4G, Mesmerize, Focus, Moment, Omnia II

Blackberry: Torch, Storm, Bold, Tour, Curve, Pearl 3G

T-Mobile: MyTouch

LG: Thrill, G2, Optimus 3D

Palm: Treo Pro, Pre, Pixi

Computers: Laptops, Netbooks and Desktops, PC and Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Acer, Apple, ASUS, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony

Tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Archos 32, 5, 7, 9, 101, Augen GENTOUCH, Coby Kyros, NAV 9 Slate

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Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"

Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"

"Bad Romance" is a song by American recording artist Lady Gaga. It was released as the lead single from her third extended play (EP), and second major release The Fame Monster (2009). Produced by RedOne and self-written, the track was inspired by the paranoia that Gaga experienced while touring the globe from 2008 to 2009. After a demo version of the song was leaked, Gaga premiered the finished version at Alexander McQueen's show at the Paris Fashion Week in October 2009. This was followed by the release of the single's cover art.

Musically, "Bad Romance" features a spoken bridge, a full-throated chorus and sung lyrics that address the situation of being in love with one's best friend. The song, containing elements of the music from the 1980s and the 1990s and influences of German house-techno music, has been described by Gaga as a pop experimental record. Most critics praised the song and compared it to Gaga's second single "Poker Face" (2008). "Bad Romance" was a commercial success that reached number one on the UK Singles Chart, Irish Singles Chart, Canadian Hot 100 and the Swedish, German, Austrian and Danish charts, while peaking at number two in countries such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Also a critical success, "Bad Romance" was ranked the ninth best song by Rolling Stone in its list of "25 Best Songs of 2009" and received the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance on February 13, 2011. According to IFPI, the single has sold 9.7 million copies in 2010, making it her second-best selling single behind "Poker Face".

The accompanying music video features Gaga inside a surreal white bathhouse. There, she gets kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her and sell her to the Russian Mafia for sexual slavery. The music video ends with Gaga killing the man who bought her. The video received positive responses for its artistic treatment and visual imagery; critics complimented its provocative and symbolic plot. It was nominated for ten awards at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, eventually winning seven of those, including the Video of the Year. The video also won a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video.

Gaga has performed "Bad Romance" on several television shows – including Saturday Night Live and Gossip Girl as well as award shows such as the 2009 American Music Awards. It was the closing song of Gaga's The Monster Ball Tour, during which, she performed it while standing inside a giant gyroscope.

Lady Gaga [ Dance In The Dark ] Dedicated to: Betto

Lady Gaga [ Dance In The Dark ] Dedicated to: Betto

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster
Dance In The Dark
Omar Rodriguez V.

Hola hola...

Bueno pes desde hace tiempo queria hacer algo con esta imagen de LG, me gusta el color de cabello de la original, pero no quedaba para lo que tenia pensado hacer, esta misma estaba en un buen tamano, pero en una calidad no muy buena :S puesto q creo q es un scan.

Un trabajo dedicado a Betto, si si, este es el que te dije que iba a subir desde hace 2 dias xD, espero que te guste :D! Que ahora amas a Lady Gaga ¬¬ xD

Zoom porfavor...

Bueno pes queria algo muy Dark, algo "Monster"... hice muchas cosillas como "el gato diabolico" xD otras son modificadas, bueno es lo que ven. ^^

Saludos a todos! =D

PD: No voy a hacer de todos los temas eeh xD tampoco es para tanto ash9 xD

lady gaga fashion single

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